Amanda B.'s Story

Amanda B. results

"I have been going to Mj Fitness since June and I don't intend on leaving anytime soon! I'm going to give you a little of my backstory. My weight has always fluctuated even as a young kid. I got to a healthy weight in high school and maintained it up until I got pregnant with my first child. I gained about 60 pounds at the end of the pregnancy and lost a lot after, but still had an extra 15lbs, weighing 140lbs. Baby 2 comes, same song and dance and I'm left at 150lbs. Well I'm guessing you can figure out the pattern here...YES, baby number 3 comes and I'm left at a whopping 160lbs. This time its harder, I'm older my metabolism is non existent and I cant stop eating. I look forward to dinners out, and watching TV programs with my husband while binging on shows as well as food. I would literally eat so much at night that I would have stomach pain feeling completely full. I would wake up and have the worst pain in my hip and my feet would hurt. Every-time I would go try on clothes in a fitting room I would be upset the rest of the day, trying to tell myself it was just the mirror. I got up to 168lbs but the funny thing is I still envisioned myself as the 22 year old 125lb young girl. Until I would see a photo of myself and would be in complete shock and disgust. How did I let myself go? I ran into a former class mate and with a disgusted look on his face he said "I looked OK for having 3 children." I think I went home and cried. Not to mention my kids telling me I had a fat tummy kids don't lie.

Any who there is light at the end of the tunnel.

March 2018 was vacation with my Sister and we planned on losing a little bit of weight. We started walking, I lost about 5 lbs. When we got back home is when I really dedicated myself, I must have had an awakening or epiphany. My sister told me about a boot camp class she joined and I think we were actually supposed to join together. Honestly I didn't want to, I was scared, scared of commitment, scared of failure, scared of the pain and hard work.  A week later I did a class It was challenging and I don't  think I walked for a couple days, but I felt amazing!! I continued and signed up for the month.

Mj is everything and more that I looked for in a personal trainer, he made sure that I was doing the exercises and lifting correctly, he motivated me when I felt I couldn't continue on. He also may or may not have eyes in the back of his head, when I would try to take a quick break he always saw it and called it out, which I appreciate now. I can hear him saying "its your hour" which I understand now, you choose to either embrace it and go to your full potential or slack off and see no results.

Mj is a family man which is nice to see, he can relate with people who have a family and how you balance everything out. If you want an honest person who actually wants you to succeed and cheers you on every class, then he is your guy!! Join one class and you wont be sorry. I'm not sorry, I have nothing but results like they say "proof is in the pudding". I feel energized, motivated, fit and healthy. I'm currently 132lbs and I have muscles! !Muscles... I cant even get over it!! Going from the obese range to now healthy range is an amazing feeling!! I now binge on working out and eating healthy. Thank you Mj Fitness!!"

~Health Enthusiast Amanda B.