My name is Betty i am a mother of a wonderful daughter she is 21 years old. For the past 15 years i have been trying to lose weight. I even joined a gym. But I never saw any results on me. I used to get injured a lot because basically they never told me I was doing an incorrect form of the exercise. One day one of my good friend post something on Facebook about a place call MJ Fitness. I call my friend and i ask her what did she thought about the place, and her reaction was like ”Betty It is an amazing place”. The trainers come to you and tells you whether you are doing It right or you are doing the exercise wrong. So I said to my self let me go and try It. The first class i took i was so happy and exited that i signed up same day. In lest than 2 months I lose 12 pounds and dropped a few sizes, I was so happy because I've never seen so many good changes in my body so fast. MJ FITNESS is an amazing place because the trainers come to you, and make you feel very comfortable. MJ always look after you and correct you if you’re doing movement wrong. I’ve been there since February of 2019 and I never got injured again. So i just want to say thank you so much MJ FITNESS for the excellent work you do for us.