"I'm very grateful to find you the first time that I walked through. Definitely I couldn't believe that I was able to do that kind of training, because in my mind, was just for people with fitness skills.

I had so many excuses like my age, my back problems, my recently shoulder surgery etc, even though when I knew that I needed it, because that was my Dr. recommendation on my physical exam that showed as a result a pre-diabetic condition.

With your coaching I improved my health, as a plus you are helping me with a body transformation turning the fat in lean muscle, therefore, I already fit my clothes.

I know for many people that don't know me well it is not relevant , but for me that I struggled with the weight after my twenties until last year, it means a lot.!!! Just waking up every day feeling healthy, stronger and confident is a good way to start and live.

Thank you to the fantastic MJ crew for all the support; and thanks to every amazing people that I met there , and a huge thanks to my Husband, that He will be always my inspiration!"