Find Out What's in Your Food

Improve your health by getting nutrition coaching in Danbury, CT

Nutrition is an extremely important part of weight loss. However, watching what you eat can be difficult if you don't know what's in your packaged food. Nutrition coaching from MJ Fitness in Danbury, Connecticut can teach you how to properly read and understand food labels. Your personal trainer will teach you how to analyze things like serving size and ingredients. As a general rule of thumb, the fewer ingredients, the healthier the item.

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Beware of misleading labels

Food labels can be deceiving. Manufacturers can print a variety of misleading things on their labels. When shopping for healthy products you should choose items that say:

  • "100% all natural" or "no preservatives" rather than "natural"
  • "100% fruit juice" rather than "fruit drink"
  • "Whole grain" rather than "made with wheat, rye or multigrain"
  • "Certified organically grown" rather than "organically grown"

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