Gab M's Success Story


“Hi everyone, my name is Gab M. I am 23 years old and am pursuing a masters degree while holding down a job and helping to care for my niece and nephew. After graduating from University of New Hampshire with my bachelors degree, I had gained a lot more weight than expected. I struggled to get back into shape and couldn’t find a routine that fit my lifestyle. I found MJ in the Summer of 2018 and since then have lost 28 pounds and counting! I am so happy to have found a place so accepting and welcoming to others with a group of individuals who not only support you but also push you to challenge yourself and reach new goals. Each workout is different and everyone is always there to encourage you to keep going; inch by inch and minute by minute. Thank you MJ and everyone at MJ Fitness for helping me to achieve my goals and encourage me to keep it going! If you are struggling to take that first step, come check us out and start your journey to a healthier lifestyle!”

Thank you,